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Artisan Himalayan Salt Lamps

by Salt of Light

One-of-a-Kind Custom designs by Robin


Visit us to see our selection
250 South Tamiami Trail, Suite 101, Venice, Florida 34285
Call Robin to order your custom designed artisan lamp
Artisan Lamp prices range from $69 and up!

The Artisan Story

The beautiful custom designed lamps are made with authentic pink Himalayan salt pieces. Himalayan salt exudes no fragrance.  The warm amber glow and beneficial properties of Himalayan salt add to the beauty of these lamps.  

All Salt of Light lamps are accessorized with light cords that are specifically designed for Himalayan salt lamps.  The added feature

of a dimmer switch, with every lamp, allows you to alter

the soft amber light to suit your mood. 

The continuous glow of the lamp can increase the benefits.

 Benefits can range from air purification, reduction in negative ions,

 and airborne infections, easing asthmatic  and allergy symptoms.

 Known to boost your mood and promote better sleep.  

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